Period Pastor

Rev. Karie Ann Charlton is a PCUSA pastor and is the leader of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls. Learn more about her.

You can contact her to book a speaking engagement for any group, school, or church.

You can read the story of how this adventure started in First Drop or see the story in cartoon form in Public Source

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @periodpastor

Listen: Period Pastor Podcast

Read her work published in Presbyterian Outlook

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Let’s find a new way (The Presbyterian Outlook)

VOICES The ship has run aground — let’s find a new way Karie Charlton offers three words of advice to churches charting a new path.   BY KARIE CHARLTONPUBLISHED: MAY 25, 2023 Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash When I talk to my friends who don’t attend church, it’s easy to understand where their lack of…

Pilgrimage to England

This pilgrimage kicked off my sabbatical adventures. I arrived in England a little broken. While this job transition is what I wanted, no transition is without heartbreak. This sabbatical will function as a transition from my role as associate pastor of Third Church to a new opportunity yet to be determined. When I arrive home…

Where do clergy find belonging? (The Presbyterian Outlook)

A question hangs in the air before the prayer, before the sermon, before the deep breath to begin, before I pour out scholarship and soul. I’m holding my sermon, the written result of God’s Spirit and my vulnerability. I wonder if the congregation gathered in this cavernous sanctuary will hear my words or just the…

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