Period Pastor

Rev. Karie Ann Charlton is a PCUSA pastor and is the leader of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls. Learn more about her.

You can contact her to book a speaking engagement for any group, school, or church.

You can read the story of how this adventure started in First Drop or see the story in cartoon form in Public Source

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @periodpastor

Listen: Period Pastor Podcast

Read her work published in Presbyterian Outlook

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Cuba, Turkey, and Syria: Days for Girls Collection Point Projects

Thank you to the DfG teams who sent components to the Pittsburgh Collection Point throughout the year.  Because of your efforts and continued sewing we have been able to develop an incredible long-term partnership with Global Links. We have been working and will continue to work in 2023 to send 10,000 kits to Cuba. Days for…

For Church Officers

This sermon written for Third Presbyterian Church on February 20, 2023 for the installation of church officers Matthew 7:1-7 NRSV Updated Edition Judging Others 7 “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. 2 For the judgment you give will be the judgment you get, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. 3 Why…

Traveling Grace (The Presbyterian Outlook)

If you want a Pilgrimage story about where I went and what I learned, this is not that story. Of course, I went to amazing places (Florence, Assisi, and Rome), prayed in beautiful settings, learned about current culture and history, and had experiences I will never forget, but what I learned most was how to prepare for…

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