Period Pastor

Rev. Karie Ann Charlton is a PCUSA pastor and is the leader of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls. Learn more about her.

You can contact her to book a speaking engagement for any group, school, or church.

You can read the story of how this adventure started in First Drop

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @periodpastor

Listen: Period Pastor Podcast

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Spirituality of Sewing

In March 2021 I took a class on Traditions of Christian Spirituality. As part of the class, I could choose to do a project (and write about the project) or write a longer paper. I decided to deal with my scrap pile (mostly from DfG scraps, but some from other projects) by using a scrap … Continue reading Spirituality of Sewing

Psalm 34 (B)

Psalm 34 O, open your hearts, friends, that your pain and loneliness be turned to Love; And then, we shall rejoice in the Beloved together! (Nan C. Merrill) Click on the link for the Psalm above for the text or listen to Psalm 34: Reflection: Being a person of faith does not mean that bad … Continue reading Psalm 34 (B)

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