My Cup Runneth Over: THINX underwear


This is how the THINX underwear arrived.

I love my lunette cup, but THINX will be part of my menstruation management from now on.  THINX underwear were comfortable and I was able to use them exactly how I envisioned using them, as a “I think I might get my period today” underwear and as back up for my cup.

My cup doesn’t need back up most days.  When its in correctly, it doesn’t leak.  However, on my heaviest day (or days) I do need to dump it during my work day and sometimes it overflows if I’m not paying attention.  My cup “leaks” if I am not able to rinse it properly before reinserting it.  For example, I’ve had my period while traveling so I’ve had to dump the cup in an airport bathroom (during a brief lay over).  There was no way to rinse it without walking out of the stall (I’m not that brave) so I reinserted without rinsing.  I don’t recommend this unless it is absolutely necessary.  What happens is that some of the blood gets on the outside of the cup and that blood works its way out into your (hopefully protected) underwear.  And if you’re clumsy like me, you look like Lady MacBeth and the woman washing her hands next to you gives you a worried glance.   But not to worry, you don’t need all of the perfumes of Arabia, soap and water work just fine.

The back of a single package of underwear.

Anyway, back to THINX.  I like their website.  It’s easy to navigate, find information about the products and order (get $10 off).  THINX has a periodical (wish I had thought of that title for a blog) that includes articles on women’s health, interviews, a section for this week in feminism, and much more.  I was impressed by the intersectionality of the feminist content I read, the diversity in the models they used for their products, and that they seem to have put a lot of thought into their product and message.  IMG_2223

I ordered: one gray cotton bikini, one beige hip hugger, and one black brief.  They all fit well (they have a size chart if you aren’t sure what to order) and they were all the same on the inside (same black material).  The bikini showed more cheek than I usually like but they were comfortable and felt like regular cotton underwear on the outside.  The hip hugger was silky on the outside and the same on the inside as the others.  I really thought the inside would feel like bathing suit material, but it was much nicer and more comfortable than any bathing suit I’ve ever owned.  I was pleasantly surprised at how dry I felt in them, even on some sweaty summer days.  Washing them in the bathroom sink was quick and easy.  You can put them in the washer after you rinse them, but I figured while I was rinsing I could just add soap.  After my period was completely over, I did wash all of them in the washer without incident.

And now, for some over-sharing…

I wore the gray bikini’s on a day that I thought my period might start.  I decided to start with them because they hold a little less blood than the other two.  No period.  They were comfortable for all day wear and I washed them in the bathroom sink and laid them on the edge of the tub to dry.  The next day I wore the black briefs.  No period.  They were comfortable all day Wednesday while I was working in the sweat shop… I mean, the church basement…. sewing for the Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls and I felt dry even though it was a sweaty summer afternoon.   I noticed the gray bikini underwear wasn’t quite dry from the day before so I decided to wash the black briefs that night (knowing I would need them again soon) and wear already period stained underwear to bed.  My period started the next morning.  I put the beige hip huggers on and decided not to put my cup in.  Out of scientific curiosity I decided to just bleed in the THINX to see what would happen.  I was too nervous to go to work without a back up pair so I used my hair dryer to finish drying the black briefs.  That’s when I noticed you are supposed to hang them to dry….yeah, hanging to dry, like the instructions say, works much faster.

The day without my cup was interesting.  I have been a cup user for over two years and before that was about 15 years of being a tampon user.  I did try the Days for Girls reusable pads a couple of times but never for long enough to really be sure how they would hold up without a cup.  They felt too bulky for me to use as a back up for the cup.  They were definitely more comfortable than I remember disposable pads being but pads just aren’t for me.  Anyway, the THINX underwear really feel like regular underwear.  They are slightly thicker than regular cotton underwear but once I was wearing them for a little while I really didn’t notice.  For me, bleeding into what felt like regular underwear was distracting at best and distressing at worst.  Every time I felt a drip or a blob or whatever period descriptor you prefer, I would panic like a middle schooler for ten-seconds before I remembered that I was wearing THINX and it was okay.  It was difficult for me to tell how much I was bleeding because I usually don’t feel it and because the inside of the THINX felt dry.  The black interior fabric also masked how much blood was in the underwear.  I wore them from morning until late evening the way someone fills up the first water balloon, just waiting for the eventual burst, so as to fill the next one just slightly less than bursting.  I wasn’t sure where the overflow was going to go, but I needed to find out.  They did eventually leak around the crotch like a pad would if it overflowed.  They rinsed out easily and completely. For the rest of my period, I used THINX as a back up for my cup.  They were comfortable and I didn’t use any disposable products during this period, saving the world and my wallet at the same time.


2 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over: THINX underwear

  1. I’m a thing convert too. I think I’m in Peri-menopause which just means light flow. So I wore them all day without any other product and had no overflow, no worry and felt completely dry. My daughters now each have a pair and this fits so beautifully as part of my plastic intiative.

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    1. I wish I had a pair when I was younger. I think I would have loved these more as a pre-teen. Your family’s plastic initiative is inspiring!


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