Inspired Women donate to Days for Girls International Refugee Project

Constance and Karie are “sew” excited!

As a member of Inspired Women, a women’s philanthropy group that focuses on helping other women, I have the opportunity to learn about organizations that uplift women and have a chance to present (twice yearly) about Days for Girls International. I’ve been attending meeting for the last four years and have had the opportunity to present about Days For Girls International for times. The fourth time was definitely #4TheGirls! We won!

The $5,000 winnings will be divided between the Pittsburgh Chapter and the Valencia team. Both groups plan to use the winnings for the Days for Girls Refugee project that will help get DFGkits and education to women and girls in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Wendy is the leader of the DFG Valencia Team, Karie and Constance co-lead the DFG Pittsburgh Chapter with Carrie (not pictured).

This project will involve getting 33,000 kits to Lebanon, Syrian, and Palestinian refugees this fall.  That means a lot of logistics and shipping costs.  The good news is that we will not have to pay to ship our 1,000 kits because we have been selected as one of the collection sites.  Other teams and chapters will be shipping their kits to us and then we will check each kit for quality before packaging everything for the DFG team to ship from here to the next place and eventually to the refugees.  DFG International is fundraising for the shipping costs and getting educators and translators trained to distribute the kits.  We plan to give our winnings from Inspired Women to DFG International to offset the cost of shipping the kits from our collection site to refugees. If you would like to donate to that effort, please contribute to: DFG International

For more information about what the Pittsburgh Chapter is doing for the refugee project, check out my other blog post: Menstrual Hygiene for Refugees. That blog post includes other links about the DFG Pittsburgh Chapter, DFG International, the DFG Refugee project.

Members in attendance at the Pittsburgh North Inspired Women meeting

At Inspired Women meetings I’m known as the Period Pastor. This group of women has been incredibly supportive and has helped me to find my voice and my 30 second pitch. I am incredibly grateful to be part of this organization of strong women.

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