Spiritual Self-Care in times of Uncertainty and Crisis

Last Friday, as part of the Multi-Faith counsel, I participated in Chatham University’s Spiritual Self-Care during times of uncertainty and crisis. The link will take you to the recorded event where you can listen to 5 members of the Multi-Faith Counsel (including me) give remarks to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other Chatham University Community members.

Below are my notes for my comments:

Chatham Students

  1. Breathe 
  2. Take a break from watching the national news.  It’s important to know what’s happening in your local area (you could get that online without watching a news broadcast) but watching what’s happening everywhere can get overwhelming.  It really is ok to not know everything.  
  3. Do things that “fill your cup”.  
  4. It’s ok not to do amazing things right now.  Holding yourself together is enough.
  5. Connect with good friends
  6. Spiritual practices

Prayer Practice

It is ok to grieve. It is ok to feel sad. It is ok to feel angry and upset. Certainly, being sick feels like a punishment, and being socially isolated feels like being in “time out”. And it is certainly good to lift these feelings up to God or place them at the foot of the cross or cry them into the divine mother’s arms. Choose your own favorite prayer metaphor. Once you have in mind where your prayers are going, start your prayers by telling God exactly how you feel in your most honest and authentic voice. Be still for a moment. Take a few deep breaths. Remind yourself about other times you have felt this way. Think about how you got through those times. Talk to God about those experiences. Find strength in those memories. Ask God for what you need in this moment to get through. And end your time in the divine presence with gratitude.

Devotional Material available on my blog www.periodpastor.com

We are using lectionary year D in worship (Churches who use the revised common lectionary are in Year A).  I chose to write about the Psalms.  So, if you are catching up, here are the blog links: Ash Wednesday: Psalm 102; 1st Sunday in Lent: Psalm 6; 2nd Sunday in Lent: Psalm 143; 3rd Sunday in Lent: Psalm 38; 4th Sunday in Lent: Psalm 39.  Fifth Sunday in Lent; Psalm 101; 6th Sunday in (Palm Sunday) Psalm 94 and Psalm 35.  

I would be willing to talk to students if they want to talk to a Presbyterian Pastor or Clergy or Faith Leader or whatever they want to call me… Period Pastor.  They don’t have to be Presbyterian or even Christian to talk to me.  They can reach out to me at karieanncharlton@gmail.com. To schedule a phone call or a zoom meeting with me click on this link.  You will be able to see my available time slots and select one that works for you.  Through this system, an email will be sent to you to confirm what you’ve selected, and an email is sent to me to let me know you have scheduled a time.  I can also be reached through Facebook and Instagram @PeriodPastor

Other opportunities to Connect:

WE MISS YOU “SEW” MUCH!!! Days for Girls and Period Pastor check in
We will not be meeting as a group in person until after April 30th. We will be having zoom meetings every Wednesday at 4:00- 6:00 so that we can check in with each other. 

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/875026728  Meeting ID: 875 026 728

One tap mobile +13126266799,,875026728# US (Chicago) +19292056099,,875026728# US (New York) Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/axLBVST8a

Third Presbyterian Church Worship Sundays at 11:00am Sunday. https://zoom.us/j/527537858 Meeting ID: 527 537 858 One tap mobile +13126266799,,527537858# US (Chicago) +19292056099,,527537858# US (New York) Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/axLBVST8a

My sweet dog, Penelope taking an after zoom church nap.

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