Menstrual Hygiene Day

May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day!

May is the 5th month (the average length of a period is 5 days) and the average length of a cycle is 28 days. #MHDay2020 #ItsTimeForAction is a good place to learn more about what you can do to advocate for access to menstrual hygiene.

To do my part this year, I have made 28 coloring sheets. I’m not an artist but I think they turned out cute! My husband did a few too (his are the ones with the great lettering). I would love to see your coloring creation so tag me @periodpastor.

I’m not taking money for these coloring sheets but I would like you to make a donation to Days for Girls. DFG is an organization that is helping menstruants with access to reusable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products. I would suggest $5 (the average length of a period) or if you are so inclined, $28 (the average length of a cycle). Really, any amount you give will be appreciated.

If you go to the Days for Girls website, you can donate to “Rapid Response” where all of your donation goes straight to the field. And for every dollar donated doTerra Healing Hands will match up to $50,000!

Or you can donate directly to the Pittsburgh Chapter:

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