Father’s Day 2020

Pastoral Litany for Father’s Day

Leader: On Father’s Day, let us remember that this day is marked with joy or sadness or a little of both as we pray together.

People:  In our joy and sadness, we give God thanks and praise.

Leader:  For grandfathers, fathers, sons, bothers, and all men who are vulnerable, worried, and frustrated, but who have been socialized to not express their true feelings,

People:  We pray for peace and safety.

Leader:  We pray for families who are keeping their distance to keep their loved ones safe,

People:  We pray that these measures keep us safe and well.

Leader:  We pray for the men who do not feel safe in their home,

People: We pray to God for strength, courage, and a safe escape.

Leader:  For relationships that are strained and no longer a source of joy,

People:  We pray for healing in reconciliation or in healthier boundaries.

Leader:  For fathers who have died, and fathers who have been separated from us, and for fathers who grieve, who have lost children born or unborn, and for fathers who have been separated from children,

People:  We weep with those with broken hearts and comfort those who mourn. 

Leader:  For those who are raising children, who are supported by spouse and family, and those who are struggling to do it all on their own,

People:  We pray that we may be their village, offering real help in hard times.

Leader:  For those who are preparing to have emptier nests, who hope they have raised children strong enough to fly into the world and back home to visit.

People:  We both celebrate and mourn with you.

Leader:  For stepfathers, navigating the pitfalls and joys of blended family life, and for those who are waiting for adoptive process to be fulfilled.

People:  We pray for wisdom and patience.

Leader:  For Grandfathers who are doing the hard work of raising children again, for uncles and brothers and all of those who have taken on a parenting role,

People:  We pray for caregivers, offering our care for them too.

Leader: For those who are waiting and sometimes struggling with the biological process to bring new life,

People:  We wait with you, listening to your joys and sorrows along the way.

Leader:  For same sex couples raising children,

People: We pray for acceptance and love.

Leader:  For men who do not have children, but instead teach, guide, and care for, the children of others,

People:  We give God thanks and praise.

Leader:  For the grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, and grandsons in our midst and around the world.  For those who face discrimination on the basis of their assigned gender or gender identity.  For men who are struggling silently.  For men who are brave enough to speak out.  For men who are compassionate, who listen to the afflicted.  For the caregivers, prophets, preachers, teachers, leaders, mystics, and healers.  For Dad, in their varied forms, 

People:  We give God thanks and praise.

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