Women’s Bible Commentary is where I saw menstruant for the first time while researching the passage about the woman being healed of her issue of blood in the Women’s Bible Commentary. I love that word, but menstruator is the more common non-gendered way to talk about someone who menstruates. Inclusive language is important (and in some instances life-saving). I plan to continue to use mestruant in my tag lines and such, but I will also be incorporating menstrator too. Spell check doesn’t recognize either word, so that will make life interesting.

When I talk about menstruation, I tend to say women and girls, but I am really trying to make an effort to be more inclusive in my language. I hope the picture and definition from the Menstrual Health Hub illustrates why this is so important. They’re a great resource for more information like this too!

This picture is from Menstrual Health Hub‘s Instagram feed

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