500 Kits to Nicaragua Up-date

Earlier this summer, the Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls sent 500 kits to Nicaragua with our friends at Global Links. We are thrilled to receive this up-date and excited about when we might get to talk to the Global Links Program Manager for International Medical Aid to hear about how our kits and the other medical supplies they shipped are impacting lives. We are hopeful she might be able to get pictures of the directors and institutions that the kits were sent to (since taking the photos of these women is understandably prohibited). The Pittsburgh Chapter loves to hear feedback and see pictures of the place our kits have gone, it keeps us inspired.

I’m excited about the DFG and Global Links, because both organizations are supported by the Third Church mission committee which is how I was able to connect the two groups. I love making these connections that help all of us make a bigger impact in the world.

Below are her words and I’ve added in the pictures she sent and links to the organizations she mentions:

I wanted to give you an update on the kits sent to Nicaragua. There were some delays with the boat and the arrival of the container to Nicaragua, but the shipment finally arrived at port at the end of September. Approximately 2 weeks ago it was discharged and the furnishings and supplies were delivered to the Ministry of Health. I am attaching a few pictures of the event.

Our consultant in Nicaragua received the kits and has been in contact with the Psych Hospital and the Women’s prison for the delivery and the training. There will be no pictures of the women receiving the kits because it is illegal to take pictures of patients in the Hospital and in the jail, women don’t want to be photographed (understandable). However we will get pictures with the directors of the institutions. They are thankful to be receiving the kits. 

There are going to be around 60 kits left that are going to be sent to a maternal home in the municipalities of Nueva Guinea and El Rama. This deliveries and training will be done in collaboration with the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA). We will get pictures of this training and of the women here, and UNFPA will publish something on their website, if that is ok with you.

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