Sewing Room as Prayer Metaphor

In a previous blog post I mentioned, Seem ripping is my spiritual discipline, it is a repetitive action that leads me to prayer and meditation. Today, I explored the metaphor further with a group of other women learning about Catherine of Siena. She loved metaphors. So, of course we shared our metaphors or prayer. Put on the spot, I thew out some ideas about my sewing room and then jotted down some notes so I could remember to think about it again later. So here are some thoughts, some not quite formed but maybe I’ll come back and rip them up and start again another time.

In the sewing room, I make things and then let them go, they leave when their finished. When a prayer is finished I let it go. Give it to God like its not my problem to take care of anymore. Or I give the finished product to someone else. Prayer is action and giving. Prayer is a loving gift.

Some things need to be fixed or seem ripped to be fixed later. Prayer is a process. Construction, deconstruction, reformed. Sewn, seem ripped, repaired. And most of the time, I can’t do it all in one day or one sitting or one prayer. Maybe a cycle of prayers over a period of time.

Some things can’t be fixed (or not now, or maybe not by me). Maybe God can fix it later. Or maybe its ok if it doesn’t get fixed.

There are always UFOs (unfinished objects). There is always something to do or something left undone. Sometimes I circle back to those unfinished projects.

Sometimes an item is made and remade and finally perfected or finally let go unfinished. When a project is started, there is a plan, but sometimes in sewing, in art, in prayer, things go a different direction, not according to the pattern or the prayer. Altered.

It’s hard to be deep all the time. So I’ll leave these incomplete thoughts and prayers here in the sewing room and I’ll be back later.

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