Chad and Nicaragua

There is nothing quite so thrilling as having multiple projects running at once. We are already getting a huge response for the Chad Humanitarian Response Project! Pittsburgh has received many sewn components but we are still in need of underwear donations (we have the on our amazon wish list). Our work for Nicaragua with Global Links last year has had a positive response too. So, as we work towards 21,000 kits for Chad, we know that anything over that amount will go to Nicaragua (and it already looks likely that we will exceed the 21,000 kits). I am thrilled that the Pittsburgh Chapter was able to connect the larger Days for Girls community with Global Links.

Here are ways you can help: Make a monetary donation to The Pittsburgh Chapter or to Days for Girls International or purchase needed materials from amazon wish list or a JoAnn Fabric Gift Card, and arrange for a safe drop off.  Wish list items can be shipped directly to Third Church. You can contact the Pittsburgh Chapter by emailing too.

Like the Pittsburgh Chapter Facebook page to see updates on the projects.

I’m on the left Constance is in the back in orange (check out the leggings she found that go perfectly with DFG apparel and Carrie is in the front. We have 150 kits ready to go to Chad!

I edited out the items that pertained only to DFG teams and chapters so if you are with DFG already, check your email for the full report. I’ve included part of the official announcement from Days for Girls below that is suitable to share with anyone in or outside of the organization.

Dear USA Chapters and Teams,

Thank you for your incredible response to our USA Chad Humanitarian Response Project already. I am so grateful for your tremendous efforts in helping us create beautiful DfG Kits that will be welcomed and appreciated by the women and girls who receive them. Regions have been rallying together to gather and transport Kits. Your efforts are amazing! 

Our collection points work so hard to prepare each DfG Kit for shipping. At this time, we are updating the shipping time frame. All of our collection points are ready to receive components, Kits, and non-sewn donations. Chapter and Teams may send items to the collection points effective immediately until April 14!!

The country of Nicaragua was recently hit by two hurricanes. Hurricane Eta as well as Hurricane Iota have left destruction and devastation. Our Pittsburgh PA Chapter recently worked with Global Links to send 500 Kits to Nicaragua. They were so well received and the need is so great. I am so excited to announce that in addition to the 21,000 Kits going to Chad, Days for Girls USA will be working with Global Links to send an additional 3000 Kits to Nicaragua! Any Kits sent to the collection points surpassing the 21,000 Kits for Chad will be sent to Nicaragua.  

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. It is wonderful to work together to increase access to menstrual care.

All the best,

Katy Jones

USA Country Coordinator

Resource Shop Manager

2 thoughts on “Chad and Nicaragua

  1. Great picture and great news. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be back from FL March 16, so I’ll check in with you. I’m absolutely amazed at all of your hard work.  I’m finishing up with my cataract surgery. They have rescheduled my second covid vaccine and my trigger finger surgery.  May God keep blessing you and your work.  Jane


    1. Thanks Jane. I hope you can join us for a zoom meeting when you are back from FL.


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