Celebrate with me! A Birthday Fundraiser

Turning forty feels wonderful! I want to celebrate with family and friends, but don’t want anyone to buy me stuff… but a few people are insisting on giving a gift, so instead of getting me gag gifts I would rather direct that money to women and girls in Pittsburgh and around the world. I figured I would put it out to the blog followers too in case you need an idea for a ‘big birthday’ or if you have enjoyed the blog and want a way to give back, this is it. Below is the digital invite that went out to family and friends (and facebook).

Join us for Karie’s Drive-Thru 40th Birthday Party!

Dec 31st 1:00 – 2:00 at Third Presbyterian Church 5701 Fifth Ave PGH PA 15232

We are being covid cautious, but you are welcome to park for a little bit and enjoy a treat.

You can keep your car running or dress warm and join Karie on the church lawn.

No gifts necessary, but if you insist on bringing something, Karie would love for you to help her provide washable menstrual pads to women and girls all over the world and in Pittsburgh!

You can do this by making a monetary donation to The Pittsburgh Chapter or to Days for Girls International or purchasing needed materials from amazon wish list or a JoAnn Fabric Gift Card, and dropping off  the items during the drive through Birthday.  

Like the Pittsburgh Chapter Facebook page  and follow us on Instagram @dfg_pgh.

Karie would love to support local women through Pittsburgh Period.  

You can drop off maxi pads, tampons, panty liners, menstrual cups at Third Church or give directly through their amazon Wishlist.  Please like their Facebook page too.

Send Karie some love by following her Period Pastor BlogFacebook and Instagram.

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