Birthday Party “thank you”

We received nearly $2,000 in gift and donations! Thank you “sew” much!!!

We collected 270 tampons and 48 pads for Pittsburgh Period.

For the Pittsburgh Chapter of DfGI we collected: 60 washcloths, 116 panties, a big bag of donated fabric, 4 drawstring bag threaders, snaps, ribbon, $140 in amazon gift cards, $540 in JoAnn gift cards, $789 in cash and checks including donations from strangers who happened to be walking on 5th Avenue. And $100 in Starbucks cards so I can caffeinated my teams for optimal performance. Facebook fundraiser is at $325 and will run for the next two weeks. $36.28 was donated on the Days for Girls International website so far. That may also change over the next couple of weeks because I included that link in the Facebook fundraiser. A few notes indicated that they ordered something from our Amazon wish list that will be coming soon too.

On top of all of the good that those donations will do for women and girls, I received so many sweet notes and a few personal gifts from friends and family. Being 40 is amazing.

I’ve shared all of the pictures of that day on my social media pages but couldn’t resist sharing a few here too.

Big thank you to: Third Church for hosting the event, my step mom who made the lawn decorations, my aunt who wore the big pink vagina costume, and to my husband for the Pittsburgh Chapter sign. Thanks to my parents and siblings who all pitched in before the event to make it special. Love you!

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