Sending Menstrual Pads to Ukraine

Days for Girls is sending Menstrual Products to Ukraine

We will be sending menstrual product kits that include disposable so that women have a convenient menstrual product on the go and a pads and washable pads, so they have a sustainable solution too.  Kits will also include underwear, washcloths, and soap.

We are hoping you can help us by donating disposable menstrual pads, washcloths, underwear, and hotel sized bar soap.  Monetary donations will also be accepted.

It’s easy to help online: Make a monetary donation to The Pittsburgh Chapter or to Days for Girls International or purchase needed materials from the Pittsburgh’s amazon wish list.  Wish list items can be shipped directly to Third Church.  

If you would like a more hands-on way to help: 

  • Purchase disposable menstrual pads that are individually wrapped.  
    • Disposable maxi, feminine, or menstrual pads. They may be with or without wings.  Select products that are made for moderate to heavy flow cycles. Note: Panty liners or any product that is recommended for ‘light days’ are not needed.
  • Gather hotel size bar soap.  If you ask other people for donations, be sure to emphasize hotel size and bar soap, as we cannot send liquid soap in the kits.  
  • Purchase underwear and washcloths at local stores following these guidelines:
    • Washcloths and Underwear must be 100% cotton
    • Avoid white.  (Could be dyed but we prefer not to)
    • DFG underwear styles may not include boy shorts (the pad will not snap around the extra material).  Please also avoid “skimpy” underwear.  
    • Girls’ sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 and Women’s 5, 6, and 7. 
    • No faces or animals or food. 

Amazon wish list items can be sent directly to Third Church for our DfG Pgh Chapter.  

Please call the church office if you are dropping off items personally so we can be ready to assist you when you arrive with your donations.

We hope to have all items by March 25th

Attention: Karie Charlton
Third Presbyterian Church
5701 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15232

Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls:
Like our Facebook page 
Follow us on Instagram @dfg_pgh
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