2022 Annual Report

Written for Third Presbyterian Church January 29th annual congregational meeting

The 2022 Report of the Associate Pastor

Third Church identified in our strategic vision a desire to move from benevolent giving to a more hands-on mission model.  The mission committee engaged in a yearlong discernment process around the organizations that we regularly contribute funds to.  During that process we also identified organizations that we felt or desired a closer connection.  Based on that discernment process, a draft calendar of collections and hands-on-mission opportunities has been created for 2023.  By planning these events ahead, we can make meaningful contributions and strategically space our volunteering efforts to avoid burn out or periods of time without opportunities.  As we look at partnerships and opportunities for hands on mission, we continue to keep our Matthew 25 goals in mind: dismantling structural racism, ending systemic poverty, and bring hope for renewal to our community.

As part of our mission meetings, we discuss “Freeing Congregational Mission” by Farrell and Khyllep to guide the development of mission at Third Church.  The Presbytery is offering three sessions with the authors.  I attended one in December of 2022 and the others will be offered in 2023.  The book offeres insights into mission work, anti-racism work, and best practices for engaging with community members.  I’m thrilled to engage with this book and see so much of the best practices in my work with DfG and Global Links.  I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work more closely with Global Links this year by fulfilling their request for 10,000 DfG kits for their medical clinics in Bolivia.  I traveled to Ecuador this year to be part of a DfG kit distribution and got to see first-hand how working with local leaders makes a huge impact.  Both DfG and Global Links empower local leaders, provide education, and tend to the physical needs of the communities in which they work.  And all those things are highlighted as best practices in the congregational mission book.

The Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls provides Third Church with hands on mission opportunities in our building.  We meet in person on Mondays from 10am to 4pm, Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm, and Wednesdays from 10am to 8pm.  The Pittsburgh Chapter also provides support to the Pitt and Chatham DfG clubs in our building and on campus.   DfG provides opportunities to engage with our neighbors, students, and women in the community corrections center as they volunteer at DfG Pittsburgh to meet service hour requirements, do good for others, and build relationships with other volunteers.  You can read more about DfG in the mission committee report.

My work was featured in Public Source, and I continue to write for Presbyterian Outlook and my blog, periodpastor.com.  

Respectfully Submitted,

Karie Charlton

And… I took an incredible trip to Italy

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