Menstrual Hygiene for Refugees Up-date

The Pittsburgh Chapter has been selected to quality control the kits sent from our “region” before they go on to World Vision to be shipped to the refugee camps in Lebanon, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Somalia. We have learned a lot in this process. Our Quality Controls are good (part of the reason we were selected) but could be improved. While the process of checking each kit component can sometimes be overwhelming, it is a joy to know that we can ensure that every girl and woman (every menstruant, yes, not everyone who menstruates identifies as female) gets a quality product. My team is “sew” excited for the project! You can check out pictures and videos at the Days For Girls Pittsburgh Chapter Facebook Page.

If you missed my last blog posts on the refugee project here are the links: Refugee Project and Inspired Women Donate to the Refugee Project.

Here is the official news from Days for Girls International:

We have developed a multi-country partnership with World Vision International! Days for Girls, World Vision Australia, World Vision Canada, and World Vision USA along with their field Offices in Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Somalia are joining together in a collaborative effort to ensure the successful implementation of this project.

World Vision has extensive experience in refugee and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) settings internationally.  The distributions of DfG Kits will be taking place along with DfG Ambassador of Women’s Health education within World Vision’s wider ongoing Humanitarian and Emergency Response Programs. This means that not only will the women and girls receive access to sustainable menstrual health products and vital health education, but they will also have ongoing support and someone they know to bring any questions or concerns to. We will be able to conduct post-distribution feedback about the impact of the program as well!
World Vision has shared that the need for DfG Kits and Menstrual Health education in these locations is extensive and exceeds our 33,000 target. This means that any Kits that exceed our target will be sure to reach refugee women and girls in these countries!

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