Your oven is self-cleaning and doesn’t need to be half-baked

I don’t care how bored you are during your COVID-19 stay at home, do not steam your vagina. There is a lot of money in vaginal shame.  Don’t buy into it.  Your vagina should smell like a vagina, not a mango, or a summer’s eve, or like a candle (you know the one). The Days for Girls curriculum and the Vagina Bible by Jen Gunter include similar statements. DFG says, just like your eye, your vagina cleans itself.  Don’t put soap in your eye or in your vagina. Jen refers to vaginas as self-cleaning ovens. Keeping the outside clean is important, but you do not need to clean the inside.

And while we’re on the subject of not putting things in your vagina, let’s talk about Cannabis (This question came up at one of our DFG meetings and I finally got around to doing a little research).

While I don’t have an issue with legalized, medical use; I think there are a lot of people making money off of cramp relievers and sexual lubricants.  It seems to me that they are making money off of what they claim it can do without having done a lot of research.  According to the Vagina Bible, “With cannabis, the fact that it was illegal for so long has hampered research. ….  And as of 2019, we don’t know anything about cannabinoid receptors in the vagina.” (184-185).  There are some urban legends that cannabis enhances sexual experience, but we aren’t sure that’s true either.  “…the experience of feeling more sexually aroused while sexual performance is actually physically reduced by a substance is a well-known phenomenon—the most notable example is alcohol” (Vagina Bible 185).  As for medicinal cannabis that could help with period pain relief, “these products are unstudied. ….  Cannabis has never been tested vaginally” (Vagina Bible 186-187).  

If you are wondering what all of the hype is about, The Science Behind Cannabis and Your PMS is written by a woman who works in the cannabis industry.  

Ultimately: your body, your choice.  

But before you decide to “clean” your vagina or put an untested cannabis product in it, think about this: do you want to go to the doctors’ office or ER now in the middle of a pandemic and have to tell someone, “I got bored so I decided to _______  my vagina and now I’m having a medical issue”?  It would be better to consult your doctor before trying something you may regret filling in the blank with.  Call your doctor if: your cramps are so bad you are needing to find alternative medicines to treat them, you think you smell “weird”, or if you have questions about your sexual health.  It is far better to ask questions that might be a little embarrassing now than find yourself in need of medical care that could have been avoided. 

And most importantly, you are beautiful just the way you are beloved child of God.  Period.

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