Wrap-up for the Refugee Project

Days for Girls International has announced the final numbers for the Refugee Project “46,221 DfG Kits are on their way to refugee and IDP women and girls to be distributed along with vital menstrual health education.”  You can check out their full article here

The Pittsburgh Chapter created, checked, and double checked 7,851 kits!  We also received shipments from other collection points to pass along to World Vision.  Yes, that one kit mattered a lot!!!  We shoved 76 into a box that should have held 75 in order to get that final number.  That extra squishy packing job will matter to the person who gets that kit.  Menstrual Health can be linked to 6 of the UNSDGs.

The Pittsburgh Chapter learned “sew” much by participating intensely with this project.  We learned and created new strategies for quality control and we learned how important it was to support one another.  I couldn’t be prouder of our team.  Third Church decided to give us dedicated space to work in, so we don’t have to set up and take down all of our stuff each week.  The Presbyterian Women have allowed us to use what was their lounge.  They will still maintain a nice area for Bible studies and meetings, but the rest of the room is now for this amazing work that they have supported all along. 

You can check out the Pittsburgh Chapter Facebook page for more pictures of our team. 

My favorite blog entry about this project is: Quality Control as Love for Neighbor

If you missed other blog posts on the refugee project here are the links: Another Update, Refugee Project Up-dateRefugee Project and Inspired Women Donate to the Refugee Project.

Constance, Karie, and Carrie, The Pittsburgh Chapter Co-Leaders

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