Lebanon Emergency Response Project Update

The Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls is honored and thrilled to be a collection point for kits and components for the Lebanon Emergency Response Project. 

There are many ways you can help us!

Make a monetary donation to The Pittsburgh Chapter or to Days for Girls International or purchase needed materials from amazon wish list or a JoAnn Fabric Gift Card, and arrange for a safe drop off.  Wish list items can be shipped directly to Third Church.

If you are a member of a DFG chapter or team, please check your email for specific details. We are thrilled to accept your best work for these women and girls. Remember quality control is an outward sign of our love for our neighbors.  Quality Control as Love for Neighbor was written during the last Days for Girls International Project and I am reading it again to remind myself to do my best work… quickly! You can read more about that project here.

Remember we need to receive all donations for this project by August 21st to make our shipping deadline. Any materials that are received after that date or end up being surplus (because I know you are generous) will be used in other Days for Girls projects this year. This isn’t the only project we have in the works after all….

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @periodpastor and The Pittsburgh Chapter of Days for Girls Facebook to see pictures and up-dates daily about the project.

As of tonight, we have packed over 900 kits!

We need more packing boxes and more underwear if you are interested in helping think about purchasing those items from our amazon list and shipping them to us.

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