Refugee Project up-date: Kit distribution news

My last post about this project was on November 25th, 2019 Wrap up of the Refugee project, so if you need a refresher, here are the other blog posts on the refugee project here are the links: Another UpdateRefugee Project Up-dateRefugee Project and Inspired Women Donate to the Refugee Project. And my favorite blog post coming out of working on this project is: Quality Control as Love for Neighbor.

There are tons of pictures of this project and others you can check out the Pittsburgh Chapter Facebook page for more pictures of our team.  The Days for Girls newsletter and website have pictures of the actual distribution. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get these and other up-dates directly from DFG International.

In the July Newsletter DFG released this information:

Last year, Chapters and Teams collectively contributed 46,571 DfG Kits to the Chapter and Team Refugee Project.

In collaboration with the 3 DfG Lebanon Enterprises, Chapters and Teams sent 4500 DfG Kits to Lebanon. An additional 2050 Kits were purchased from the Enterprises with the funds raised and a grant from Goldman Sachs, taking the total to 6530 DfG Kits.

Distributions were impacted by political unrest and then by COVID-19. Despite this, Lebanon Country Coordinator Khayrieh and the Enterprise Leaders adapted and have continued distributions in partnership with several local organizations and UNFPA, following all local protocols, including smaller groups, social distancing, and hygiene and safety precautions.

In addition, the Enterprises have also been receiving orders from several organizations in Lebanon including Concern Worldwide, Oxfam, and ReHope Korea, increasing the number of refugees receiving DfG Kits and education. They also pivoted to the needs within their community, adding masks to their production. To date they have sewn and sold over 1000 masks!

World Vision
We collectively contributed 42,071 DfG Kits to World Vision in Australia, Canada, and the US. They planned to send the Kits to Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Somalia. Due to the high volume of Kits received, they were able to add a fourth location, also sending DfG Kits to Iraq!

Afghanistan The DfG Kits have arrived in Afghanistan and the World Vision Field Teams have begun distributing them. They have received very positive feedback. You can read the full impact article HERE. DfG was also highlighted as World Vision’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene partner in THIS article.

Somalia After shipping delays, the Kits have arrived and the World Vision Field Teams are about to begin distributions.

South Sudan and Iraq
Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the Kits are currently stuck at customs. The World Vision Field Teams are working hard to get them released and are at the ready to begin distributing them. They have reported that they are needed now more than ever.

I and everyone at the Pittsburgh Chapter of DFG are “sew” thrilled to have been part of this project! We are looking forward to more opportunities to help menstruants all around the world.

If you are inspired by this work, I encourage you to make a donation to either The Pittsburgh Chapter or to Days for Girls International. Send us a high five🖐 $5 for a job well done!

This is an old picture, but it is still my favorite of Constance, me, and Carrie, the Pittsburgh Chapter Co-leaders!

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