Menstrual Pads Sent to Ukraine (Thank you and next steps)

If you missed the other blogs, here is the update on Sending Menstrual Pads to Ukraine. Together with Global Empowerment Mission we [DfG] will be providing menstrual product options (Days for Girls washable kits and disposable pads) to women and girls affected by the situation in Ukraine.   Our work for this project in Pittsburgh is coming to an end, but you can follow DfGI for up-dates about the distribution in the coming months. Check out their Instagram and Facebook, sign up for their newsletters, blogs, and podcasts to learn more about this and other projects.

Our original date for donations for Ukraine was March 25th, so we are asking that no more disposable pads be donated after that date. Once we have some of the kits packed and we can see what we need, we may reach out again. But for now, we think we have enough disposable pads to meet our kit goal.

We will be accepting donations of underwear, washcloths, soap, and other wishlist items after March 25th (we accept these donations year round). DfG teams/chapters/clubs can send components year round too. These items will help us replenish what we used for Ukraine and help us be ready to respond to the next kit request. We (Days for Girls International) continuously look for partners that will help us get kits to where they are most needed. And we (Pittsburgh) plan to be prepared to respond when DfGI asks us to collect and pack kits for the next humanitarian project. We (those who contributed to this work) can do this together!

To follow how things are going at the Pittsburgh Collection Point: Like our Facebook page Follow us on Instagram @dfg_pgh

It’s easy to help online: Make a monetary donation to The Pittsburgh Chapter or to Days for Girls International or purchase needed materials from the Pittsburgh’s amazon wish list.  Wish list items can be shipped directly to Third Church.  

Thank you!

We want to thank all of the individual donors and Days for Girls clubs/teams/chapters who have contributed to this project. We would like to especially thank the teams that drove in to help us sort items and pack in our sewing room including: Bridgeport WV team, Grove City PA, Murrysville PA, Oakdale PA, and Pittsburgh North PA.

We want to thank all of those who collected disposable pads for us, especially Ruth Magee (Grove City, PA), Carla Engle (West Virginia), Youth for Women’s Welfare (Pittsburgh, PA).

We want to thank all of the students who have volunteered throughout this school year, making projects like this one possible. We want to especially thank the University of Pittsburgh students who came on “Be A Good Neighbor Day” to give us an extra boost to meet our shipping deadline.

We want to thank Third Presbyterian Church Staff for all that they do to help us reach our goals.

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