Ukraine Project: A few more people I need to thank

A lot has happened since the “thank you” post. Because of the abundance of donations, we are able to send more kits and pads than we originally planned. But, we are trying really hard to have everything ready to go by our original shipping deadline. We do have a little wiggle room on that deadline but if you know me (and my team) meeting the goal is important. A short time after we agreed to pack up more kits and pads, I had a death in the family and I was asked to officiate the funeral this weekend. I knew I wanted to make sure everything was as complete as possible for the Ukraine project before the weekend so that I could be fully present for my family, so I’ve been working overtime (and so has my team) to make it happen. I made some phone calls to the closest teams to see if they would once again come to the collection point and chip in to make this happen. Even with short notice, the Oakdale, PA Team, Pittsburgh North PA Team, and the Valencia PA team, Third Church Staff, The University of Pittsburgh DfG Club and other college students, and some of my family and friends came to the rescue. As of this post, every kit is packed and ready to be put into boxes and onto pallets (planned for Monday when more boxes are set to arrive). This is an incredible gift. Everything that could be done before the funeral is done. I also need to thank Ruth and the Grove City PA team for being ready to come in tomorrow but being gracious when I called today to tell them we were finished packing kits. I am so touched by the incredible generosity and love that has been poured out this week (and it’s only Wednesday).

Thank you!

If you missed the other blogs, here is the update on Sending Menstrual Pads to Ukraine. Together with Global Empowerment Mission we [DfG] will be providing menstrual product options (Days for Girls washable kits and disposable pads) to women and girls affected by the situation in Ukraine.   You can follow DfGI for up-dates about the distribution in the coming months. Check out their Instagram and Facebook, sign up for their newsletters, blogs, and podcasts to learn more about this and other projects.

To follow how things are going at the Pittsburgh Collection Point: Like our Facebook page Follow us on Instagram @dfg_pgh

It’s easy to help online: Make a monetary donation to The Pittsburgh Chapter or to Days for Girls International or purchase needed materials from the Pittsburgh’s amazon wish list.  Wish list items can be shipped directly to Third Church.  

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