Ukraine Project is complete and we have “sew” much to be thankful for

Ukraine Project is complete, and we have “sew” much to be thankful for.

If you missed the  updates on Sending Menstrual Pads to Ukraine on the Period Pastor blog, the following are highlights from the last few weeks.  Together with Global Empowerment Mission we [DfG] will be providing menstrual product options (Days for Girls washable kits and disposable pads) to women and girls affected by the situation in Ukraine.   This allows recipients to have disposables while they are on the move and washables for when they arrive in a more stable living situation.  To get the most recent up-dates for the Pittsburgh Collection Point: Like our Facebook page Follow us on Instagram @dfg_pgh

A lot has happened in the week since the “thank you” post. After writing more “thank you”s on Wednesday night, I posted on our Facebook pages that we needed three more pallets. I figured a facebook post would be easier than calling around (or driving around to find pallets) since we had the viewing and funeral to attend.  Thursday morning, I picked up the packing boxes we needed at Lowes, talked to FedEx office and shipping about getting more copies of the trifold on Friday, and checked my email, texts, and social media messages.  By the time my husband and I arrived at the viewing, Patrick, Andy Jones (Third Church’s lawn service provider), and my brother all had pallets and were headed to drop them off at the church.  

Friday, after the funeral service and lunch, I picked up the trifolds and checked in with Patrick about getting the extra pallets into the snack bar area and still having room for Sunday School.  I sent messages to those who said they could be available on Saturday to put the trifolds in the packed kits and get everything onto the pallets.  

Saturday, a my aunts and Liz from the Oakdale team, met for a few hours to put the trifolds into the hybrid kits and get the last pallet of kits completed. Yay!

Monday, in the evening a member of Third Church, my cousin, and Pitt students helped to put the disposables onto pallets.

We are ready to ship!!!

Our original plan was to send 2 pallets of hybrid kits, but because of the overwhelming generosity from our community, we will be sending 3 pallets of hybrid kits and 4 pallets of disposable pads to the Poland/Ukraine border.  Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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